Our Student Association

When it comes to fun on campus, you can count on our Student Association to be at the heart of it all! Plus, officers learn and demonstrate leadership skills that come with fulfilling their roles and responsibilities.

Student Association

Our Campus

We have a great campus in Corrales, New Mexico, with everything we need to be successful. It’s the perfect environment in which to grow academically, socially and spiritually.

And soon, we’ll have a new campus that will provide even more opportunities for us as students!

Our New Campus

It's going to be amazing!

Our Favorite Activities

Below are just a few of the many activities that we enjoy at SVA!





Mission Trips

Winter Fun


Music & Dance


Senior Survival

How We Serve Christ

As SVA students, we take our school’s mission - serving as Christ-centered leaders who positively impact the world - as our own personal mission. Our instructors encourage and mentor us to follow Jesus through worship, prayer, Christian fellowship, and stewardship, including leading school and church worship services.

We also have the opportunity to participate in mission trips, which can take us to faraway places where we can share and demonstrate our faith. These trips are life-changing for many of us, opening our eyes to other cultures while experiencing the power of God’s Word first-hand.

How We
Serve Our Community

We believe in serving our community, which includes the communities we live in, our school, the church we attend, and faraway communities.

To help serve our local community, we participate in school-wide community-service days, which allow us to give back to those close to home. To ensure that we take our commitment seriously, one of our graduation requirements is the completion of 25 community service hours per year.

Our Athletic Programs

From archery to team sports, our athletic programs serve to help us grow physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We learn success in our victories... humility in our defeats... responsibility and teamwork in our practices... and so much more, all with the goal of reflecting Christ-like behavior. Plus, we have fun!


Senior Survival

Each year, our Seniors experience survival firsthand by roughing it for a weekend in New Mexico’s rugged and unforgiving wilderness.  Activities over the two days include:

  • Camping in plastic tents
  • Cooking over a fire
  • Hiking
  • Rappelling
  • Orienteering
  • Team Building
  • Bible Study

To prepare for the trip, Seniors must gather and pack personal survival items and submit a permission form.